My name's Theresa, I'm a Financial Coach, and I help people learn to control their money, so their money stops controlling them. I am 110% committed to showing you how to use money to create the life you want.  

So what does that even mean?

I grew up in a household with financial instability; lay-offs, foreclosures, you name it. I received constant messages of scarcity and lack "There's never enough money," "Money doesn't grow on trees," "We're just not the wealthy kind and that's just the way it is."

It wasn't until I graduated college and got my first full-time job that I realized I was still carrying these limiting beliefs about money from childhood. They manifested as feelings of deep fear and guilt around spending money. I knew they were hindering me because I was making good money for a recent grad, but couldn't find it in me to part with my money, even to invest in myself or my future through retirement accounts or personal development opportunities.

I wasn't making my money work for me. 

Once I became aware of these limiting beliefs from childhood that were unconsciously influencing the way I was managing my money, I realized something that changed my life forever:


I was allowing my financial past to dictate my financial future. 


I decided right then and there that I refused to let my past hold me back from creating my dream life.


So what did I do?

I got really clear on what I wanted out of my life and my money. I set specific financial goals and as I started to see results, I became even more motivated to keep going. Just in my first two years after college, I was able to pay almost $12k towards my student loans, save over $5k for emergencies and invest $7k for retirement. I also took multiple vacations (some even international)- all while not taking on revolving credit card debt. And by the way- this was all done while living in the third most expensive city in the US and on a $45-$50k salary. 

But the most important shift in my life had nothing to do with the numbers. The way I thought and felt about money completely changed. I felt so much more at peace about money, knowing I was in control, and that my money and goals were aligned. I wasn't so stressed and negative about money anymore- I was calm, intentional and confident. 

Learning to control my money, and thinking about money in new, healthier ways was so life-changing, I knew I wanted to help others do the same. 

My goal is to teach you how to master the numbers but more importantly your mindset about money, so you can use money as a tool to live a life that is unapologetically and authentically your own.

Ready to work together?