I help young professionals go from stressed and confused about money to calm and confident with money.


Hi, I'm Theresa!

I'm a Financial Coach, and I help hard-working professionals get their financial sh*t together.


How can I help?

I help career-focused young professionals overcome financial uncertainty and become more confident with money. With simple strategies and my signature process, we will create a personalized roadmap for your money covering everything from paying off debt to saving for emergencies. You will have a plan to accomplish the financial goals that are important to you.

Ready to say goodbye to financial confusion and hello to financial confidence? Let's work together to...

  •  Create your money roadmap - a comprehensive plan for your money based on your specific situation, dreams and goals

  • Create a debt-pay off strategy to help pay off your debts sooner

  • Increase your savings rate and set short and long-term savings goals

  • Explore your spending patterns and identify areas in your budget you can trim to save more money

  • Explore the practical and emotional sides of money and cultivate a healthy money mindset

  • Plan and prepare for important milestones such as buying a home, starting a business or going back to school


Working with Theresa has made me feel so much more comfortable with my finances. Since she has taught me to clearly track my spending, I feel calmer and much more in control about my financial future.  I especially love how she always has great tips and resources to share that make organizing my budgets & finances fun and unified. Definitely consider working with Theresa if you want a reliable guide to help you navigate the journey to achieve your financial goals. She has helped me immensely!

Corie S.